Kayak fishing for bass in North Alabama's Lake Wheeler with a custom fishing rod by Osprey Rods

Custom fishing rods and rod repairs by Osprey Rods

Our Fishing Rods

Kayak fishing Lake Wheeler Alabama Osprey Rods

Custom fishing rods by Osprey Rods are assembled by hand to the customer’s specifications using the best components on the market. I work with each customer to design the look and type of fishing rod they have in mind. A custom fishing rod should not only have superior performance but it should be an extension of the customer’s personality.  It isn’t just a custom fishing rod, it is YOUR custom fishing rod.

In addition to custom fishing rods, Osprey Rods also provides fishing rod repair services to get that broken fishing rod back in the game.

More Than A Fishing Rod

Kayak bass fishing Lake Wheeler Alabama Osprey Rods

When you buy a custom fishing rods from Osprey Rods, you become part of a group of anglers, part of the Osprey family. I love hearing the fishing stories and seeing the pictures of Osprey owners out on the water doing what they love.

Who I Am

Kayak bass fishing Lake Guntersville Alabama Osprey Rods

I am an avid kayak angler who grew up with a love of fishing. I enjoy spending time on the water chasing all types of fish from the rivers and lakes of North Alabama and Southern Tennessee to the inshore waters of Florida. Osprey Rods grew from a hobby of building my own fishing rods and is something I enjoy doing in my spare time.


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